The terms transvestite (TV) and cross dresser (cd) are often used inter changeably. It is the practice of dressing and acting in a manner normally associated with the opposite sex. These days the term transvestite is generally considered to be outdated and derogatory and so the term "cross dressing" is often used.

Cross dressers (cd) change their sex, but simply enjoy being able to dress in clothes of the opposite sex from time to time.

Transgender (TG) people are people who have a gender identity that differs from their assigned sex. They often feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.” Being transgender is independent of sexual orientation and transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc.

Transsexual (TS) is generally considered a subset of transgender. Like transgender, Transsexual people experience a gender identity that is inconsistent with their assigned sex but they have a desire to permanently transition to the gender with which they identify. They often seek medical assistance such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and other sex reassignment therapies to help them realign their body with their identified gender.

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