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Below you will find a selection of gay members whose interests include Walking. To view more gay singles interested in Walking then register here.

  • Profile photo kenrob 69
    UK / Buckinghamshire
    Milton keynes
  • Profile photo buzzardevo 75
    UK / Clwyd
  • Profile photo rick54136 75
    USA / Wisconsin
  • Profile photo buddy24 81
    USA / New York
  • Profile photo tsonnaig 73
    UK / Cornwall
    Plymouth (torpo
  • Profile photo agnate 66
    UK / Shropshire
  • Profile photo hibernias32 63
    USA / New Jersey
    Toms river
  • Profile photo andrew1943 76
    UK / Oxfordshire
  • Profile photo Dave1958 61
    USA / Washington
    Castle rock
  • Profile photo lrey9876 74
    USA / New York
    New york city
  • Profile photo timberman2 56
    UK / Devon
    Newton abbot
  • Profile photo Mipples 22
    UK / Middlesex