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Below you will find a selection of gay members whose interests include Sailing. To view more gay singles interested in Sailing then register here.

  • Profile photo m51right 63
    USA / Maryland
  • Profile photo LondonDad 66
    UK / GT London
  • Profile photo fester 36
  • Profile photo BillnATL 68
    USA / California
    Palm springs
  • Profile photo Grahammanc 64
    UK / GT Manchester
  • Profile photo mosike88 36
    USA / New York
    New york city
  • Profile photo Silvergent 80
    UK / GT London
    New malden
  • Profile photo AMike48 72
    UK / GT London
    West kensington
  • Profile photo celticbud 72
    USA / Florida
    Madeira beach
  • Profile photo brightspark 84
    UK / Hampshire
  • Profile photo 1stMate 44
    AUS / NSW
  • Profile photo BrianYork 64
    UK / West Yorkshire