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Country USA
Age 78
Location Virginia
City Hybla Valley
Preferred Age  From  50  To  85
Height 6ft3-6ft4   (190-193cm )
Body Hair Hairy
Facial Hair Mustache and Beard
Build Stocky
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Versatile
Ethnic Origin Rather Not Say
Last Logged On 16/10/2021 04:22:39
I consider myself Bear
I now have Skype, if that's useful to you.

Hi! I'm Bulwark, partnered now for over 18 years, to Bernie, now 86. Please don't consider me a "Daddy," especially if you are a "Son" looking for one of those. I'm not "looking" for anything serious, but if you are at least 50 years old, one or both of us may ask you to play now and then, or not....

Neither of us are into anything "interesting" (ie, exotic or kinky, or extreme) in the way of sex, body art, piercings, or chemical concoctions....

Now that I've turned the majority of you away, the rest can contact us for more info, if you have a face pic on your profile, and tell us a little about yourselves. We don't mind if you're single, married, committed, or should be committed....LOL

Actually, if you're the type that should be committed, or have a lot of excess baggage, we probably wouldn't be all that interested, anyway. We already have a couple of friends like that that we can hook you up with, if you wish - you'd probably be more their type, anyway, and we'd be grateful if you took them off our hands.

Remember, we're not interested in meaningless sex! If we want have sex with you, we MEAN IT!!!

Here's' something I wrote - enjoy!

Mc Guffy's Reader, that Colonial Primer (1st reading book) taught thousands of Colonial children the basics for reading:

A is for Apple,
B is for Ball, etc.

Here's the modern version:

A is for Asshole,
B is for Balls,
C is for Cocksucker,
Which applies to us all.

D is for Dildo,
Both long and quite thick.
E is for Edging,
So you don't cum so quick.

F is for Felching,
An acquired taste.
G is for Guiche,
Which belongs in your face.

H is for Hair,
On your Bear there is much.
I is for Itching,
From crabs, cooties. and such.

J is for Jerk-off,
In a pinch it'll do.
K is for KY,
A safe, slippery goo.

L is for Licking,
Ass, nipples or taint.
M is for Master,
So let's hear no complaint!

N is for Nipples,
Licked, chewed or pierced.
O is for Oral,
From gentle to fierce!

P is for, well, Pee,
Golden yellow and tangy.
Q is for Queer,
Once PC, but now just "slangy."

R is for Rimming,
The breakfast of champs.
S is for Syndrome,
PMS, menstrual or cramps.

T is for Taint,
That in-between place.
U is for Underwear,
Maybe stuffed in your face?

V was for Veneral,
Now just STD.
W is for whatever
You feel that you need.

X is your former,
Twink, Cub or Bear.
Y is for Yes!
If I ask if you care!

Z is for Zipper
The first to go down,
Which soon leads to Asshole,
To start a new round....