Country USA
Age 59
Location Washington
City Seattle
Preferred Age  From  35  To  75
Height 5ft11-6ft   (180-183cm)
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair Mustache and Beard
Build Stocky
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Versatile
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 21/06/2020 20:27:14
I consider myself Suit and tie guy
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Reading, Card/Board Games and History
Bookish fellow looking to make friends.

Seattle for the past decade, though I lived most of my life in the New York area, and New England. I've traveled a fair amount, and developed a taste for all sorts of foreign cuisine - anyone care to share a fresh durian?

Although my academic background was business, these days I'm more into photography and writing (fiction). Yes, I'm well able to support myself. Don't smoke, drink socially (with age comes a generally lower tolerance level, so a couple of drinks is about my limit). I have a slew of miles banked, but can never decide where to go! I have been to the U. K. a few times, and would like to try a Eurostar ride next time - anything to avoid flying through Paris sounds like a good idea.

I read a lot, but am fairly clueless about pop culture after 1990. Nor do I know much about sports or cars.

I do not understand this Rogaine and Grecian Formula business? I waited years to go bald and my hair to turn gray (white)! For younger guys who are balding: shaving your head fools exactly no one (yes, I admit I have a bias in favor of seeing the balding look, but stand by my comment).

If you contact me without a face photo posted, please be prepared to provide one. Also, I'm not inclined to respond to "canned" messages that can apply to just about anyone something specific would go a long way towards receiving a reply.