Country UK
Age 82
Location Derbyshire
City Alfreton
Preferred Age  From  40  To  65
Height 5ft7-5ft8   (170-173cm)
Body Hair Smooth
Facial Hair None
Build Stocky
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Passive
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On Over 30 days ago
I consider myself Suit and tie guy
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Classical Music, Travel and Gardening
Now single, after 48yrs 'marriage' - my male partner died three years ago, the last twelve of which I was his full-time carer. So, it's now time to make a new life for ME, which will hopefully include a significant other - if that's possible again at my time of life. Realistic enough to accept that love is not always instantaneous and often takes time, and a '' where there's the will there's a way attitude". Ethnicity not a problem if sufficient common interest. Am mobile so distance in UK is not an insuperable problem.

Prefer meeting asap rather than weeks/months of texts. Coffee/meal/walk/visit interesting location are quite acceptable though this sex-starved man is rarely going to say 'No' to an offer of bed !! Keen on travel but find the general level of single supplements both objectionable and financially unsupportable so non-smoking travel buddies would be very welcome. BTW my 'bucket list' include the Trans-Canada/Rockies and Trans-Siberian railways journeys, but less adventurous destinations also welcome.

I am generally fit but trying to get fitter through gym and other exercise. and though I don't consider myself fat I am definitely a few pounds 'surpoids' and not a slim-jim.

I consider myself well educated - not an intellectual snob, though do feel easier with someone who can hold a conversation. Have a faith which means a lot to me so would like to meet someone with a faith, but not a deal breaker if you're not religious.

Tactile, romantic, generally adventurous in life (and in bed ! though nothing too extreme). Have often been told I am good looking, though I don't see it myself, and frequently told I don't look my age - I certainly don't feel it.

If I contact you I will normally tell you more about me and say why I am contacting you. If you contact me, please do likewise - just Hi suggests you have nothing to say so we would not be a match anyway. 'Blind dates' rarely lead anywhere, so if your profile doesn't have a face pic, one included in your message is much more likely to ensure a reply. Age preference is flexible - your nature will be more important.

Finally, a word of warning to all fraudsters. I am not rich, and have already suffered twice from 'romantic fleecing' so requests for money, help with air fares, visa financial costs, ill-health of relatives or whatever other fanciful excuse you can come up with, will be met with silence and a closure of our correspondence.