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Country USA
Age 69
Location New York
City New York
Preferred Age  From  18  To  35
Height 5ft7-5ft8   (170-173cm)
Body Hair Smooth
Facial Hair None
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Active
Ethnic Origin Asian
Last Logged On Over 30 days ago
I consider myself Daddy
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Ballroom Dancing, Keep Fit and Music
Looking for a younger guy (under 35), for long term relationship. Asians especially welcome. Like traveling in China. Listen to music, including Chinese, Western Classical, Chinese Classical, American Songbook, 50-60's. Can spend all day surfing the web along with chatting with new and old friends from Gay chats.

Note that I describe myself as "Daddy" above. It's because it is the closest of the not so great choices. I am not necessarily looking for a son, just a younger partner to live a life together, sharing expenses, keeping each other happy, traveling together or simply staying home enjoying TV together or simply enjoying private time doing our own favorite things. If you want to call me Daddy that is ok. If you don't call me Daddy that is equally ok. I am not a sugar daddy. I believe in each member of the partnership sharing costs - not necessarily 50 - 50 but an appropriate share based on who is wealthier. If you don't buy into the relationship, then the relationship is hopelessly doomed.

I like to make slow love. Kissing you everywhere, touching your body with my hands and tongue, mutual oral sex, and then finally penetration. I am mostly a top but I like guys who like to get fucked and then fuck me in return. I like holding hands, in public if my partner is not embarrassed, and at home. Love to cuddle up when sleeping with you, or have you hold me all night. Yeah, I am a bit of a romantic.

I prefer total honesty... once caught in a lie, trust will be very hard to re-establish.

I am most turned on by guys in their 20's. I will accept guys in their 30's but I get more picky the older you are. Most people 60 or older turn me off, cannot get erection with you so I have no interest in you. I will entertain platonic friends.