Country Argentina
Age 51
City Concordia
Preferred Age  From  53  To  63
Height 180cm  
Body Hair Smooth
Facial Hair None
Build Slim
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Passive
Ethnic Origin Hispanic
Last Logged On 25/05/2020 14:43:37
I consider myself Son
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Travel, Football and Music
About me:
Hi, my nickname is “jolu”, I live in Argentina, I am 51 years old. I am latinamerican boy with a body very slim (weight 72 kg approx. 158,73 lbs) and my height is 180 cm.
Certanly I don't know if I am top, bottom or versatile (I am a true mystery). I don't have sexual experience not even with women much less with men!
Yes guys, I am completely virgin, although you don't believe it, and I am very proud of my virginity!
And only I will deliver my virginity to the mature man of my dreams...! Yes...! Yes...! So I hope...!

My preferences:
I like a lot solely caucasian mature men, from 53 to 63 years old I like the mature of white race: Anglos and Caucasian Europeans. I love mature men bald or something bald. With whites or greys hairs (but always short) and they are clean and shave!
I like mature men of utive aspect or politician of high range!
I don't like mature men that use tattoos, hoops, pircings or long hair.
I don't like mature men with beard or moustaches.
I would like that the mature is beautiful, very masculine, but also loving, tender, affectionate, very sweet (especially in the intimate moments) and why not well endowed! I have some pictures, downloaded from the internet of mature men that I love! If you want to see them I could send them to you (by Email), so you have a better idea of my preferences.

Note: for those men who want to see my photos, please send me an email address secure and with great pleasure I will send you some. (I am a boy not yet out of the closet).

affectionately of you: Jolu