Country Australia
Age 64
Location Queensland
City Hervey Bay
Preferred Age  From  60  To  80
Height 5ft7-5ft8   (170-173cm)
Body Hair Hairy
Facial Hair None
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Versatile
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 12/07/2020 09:52:57
I consider myself Not completed
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Music, Cinema and Art
I am a affable and caring sort of guy originally from Bournemouth in the UK, I try not to take myself too seriously and have a good sense of humour. I am thoroughly trustworthy and reliable and have been living in Queensland Australia since 2003. Much to my foolishness I am a hopeless romantic by this I say hopeless, not helpless if you know what I mean lol. Since becoming a member on this site I have found my partner who is also originally from the UK. We have now been together for over 6 years and are very happy. But we are now looking for gay friends or couples ideally in the UK if possible. My partner has diabetes which comes with all the usual problems unfortunate for him, he is unable to get an erection. Despite this I love him deeply but do miss the sexual side of our relationship. Thank you to all the younger guys for looking, but please respect my age preference. As I am only looking at guys 60-80yrs, however this is not set in stone as a handsome face does wonders for me, and not the size of your anatomy down below. I also like tall stocky/hunky men someone with plenty to hold onto, if you know what I mean. Please display a face photo on your profile as I like to know who I am replying to. Also I am only interested in caucasian guys. sorry it's just my personal preference. Thank you for looking at my profile and I wish you all the best, please no facial hair sorry it just does not do anything for me. Also no tats or body piercings of any kind, sorry but I just find them thoroughly repulsive. Also please note that I do like some sport however not a fanatic, mostly soccer, tennis but willing to watch anything as long as it's not too slow and boring.

P.S Please note I Particularly like music especially jazz and play tenor sax hence my profile name . However I appreciate most types of music, as long as it's good and melodious. Also are there any gay guys out there that like jazz, it seems everyone is into classical although very good it's not my main preference in music. Also I hasten to add that when I say jazz Its not trad jazz which I hate with a vengeance. It seems that I am hard please doesn't it and sorry about the long script lol.:)

Sorry to be rude but I am still getting winks from young guys under 60 who have obviously not read my profile and age preference.

All the best to you all and I hope you find the man of your dreams:)

Pete xx