Country France
Age 69
City Perigueux
Preferred Age  From  35  To  70
Height 183cm   (185-188cm )
Body Hair Smooth
Facial Hair Mustache and Beard
Build Stocky
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Versatile
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 19/04/2021 06:14:06
I consider myself Not completed
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Cooking/Food, Music and Travel
Friendly English guy living in France. I think I'm a nice bloke. Likes: Dogs, computers, music of most types - particularly Leonard Cohen, travel, egg sandwiches and cooking. Dislikes: Jazz, Tarragon, fresh Coriander, that end bit on a tomato and piss elegant drama queens... Have traveled worldwide and I know how many peas make four!. I write stuff!! Poetry, songs and short stories. Love to chat and have a laugh so be a devil and say Hello.... But please have a sense of humour, and don't start the conversation with 'Hi' and then expect me to do all the running! I greatly admire people who dare to be different. I think I'm capable of holding a sensible conversation, but I see little point in chatting if I click on your cam and all I see is your groin, your chest, half your face, you playing with your nipples or your collection of fine porcelain, or musical instruments, at the end of a dimly lit room. I am very suspicious of anyone who puts "I'd rather not say" in any aspect of their profile. Is it really necessary in this day and age? Also, I prefer to avoid anyone over the age of 20 who wears a baseball cap back to front, or uses the word 'like' excessively out of context! So, please remember - conversation is a 2 way street! Don't ask me to 'bare all' on camera as "Fuck Off" tends to offend... And if I do send you a message, or a 'wink' - sorry, but it's not a marriage proposal, just me being friendly.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to pvt.... but I do like to see who I'm chatting with and I do prefer to chat with someone who can correctly punctuate a sentence and spell their own name... If you've got black hair, a neatly trimmed beard and blue eyes (and I mean all three - not just one), or you're a Marcus Brigstocke or Adam Buxton lookalike, go to the front of the queue!! Queue? I wish....

Three things to remember in later life:
1) Never waste an erection
2) Never pass a toilet and
3) Never trust a fart!

One of my favourite poems...

As I gazed into his big brown eyes, he began to get it
Then suddenly I felt it and it almost made me shout
At first he was quite gentle, then he became quite rough
And even though he made me sore he really knew his stuff
He said i think it's coming but by then I didn't care
I knew that I could take it and the pain I'd have to bear
Oh how much longer could it be, I almost lost control
Then sweet relief the climax when he said "Spit in the bowl".

r.i.p.Lee Sutton