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Country UK
Age 70
Location South Yorkshire
City Sheffield
Preferred Age  From  65  To  85
Height 5ft7-5ft8   (170-173cm)
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair None
Build Regular
Smoker Smoker
Role Active
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 23/04/2018 18:31:10
I consider myself Not completed
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Music, Model Railways and Football
Update Sept 3... Finally! Arrived safely in Sheffield at new place..all is well, good move overall...apart from the hassles with various solicitors etc etc...:O) Johnx

Hello, no offence but first, integrity and trust, honesty and mutual respect are of the utmost importance to me. Please, no married, attached in anyway, no tattoos or piercings, thanks.
Ordinary man looking for that ordinary but special man once more after losing my partner four years ago after a long and loving relationship, we were both Yorkshire born but lived in Scotland for the last 10 years. I have now re-located to Devon (Nov 2012) (now in Sheffield Sep 2016)
I am no movie star and do not have the body-beautiful so if you are looking for an 'adonis' look elsewhere:O) I do not go and have never been 'on the scene' and would be looking for the same,I have had no need to over the long years and consider myself fortunate to have had what I have in the past.
I am not at all keen on facial hair,or really overweight folks,although I have a bit of middle-age spread, so who am I to talk? :O) Hair in other places is wonderful:O)
I am considered to be genuine, honest (to a fault, some say) and not 'camp' or effeminate in any way whatsoever and would be looking for the same, no clashing of handbags or tiaras. All of my previous fortunate relationships were all 'long-term' and monogamous (but now 'late') and again, I would be looking for that once more (Not necessarily cohabiting, but it was nice).
I will not discuss 'sexual' habits etc here if it is the 'one thing' you are perhaps interested in, then please, no offence again but look elsewhere, as there are all the other hours in a day to fill and there needs to be trust and compatibility not necessarily sharing the same interests, but certainly 'respect'. I have had that before (and shared it) but it seems to be in very short supply these days.
I have many interests, I play and record my own instrumental music, like (some!) TV and film and comedy (have a great sense of humour), reading, being at home, going on a trip locally/further afield, love steam trains and model railways, just a big kid at heart! I cannot stand deceit and subterfuge in any form, so at the risk of putting you off altogether, I worked in the steel industry in Sheffield all my life, so do not suffer fools and liars gladly, but I am a down to earth sort who can act appropriately in any company. Hope you too find whatever it is you are looking for. Thanks for reading J x