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Country Australia
Age 36
Location Victoria
City Melbourne
Preferred Age  From  40  To  65
Height 195cm  
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair None
Build Heavy
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Passive
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On Over 30 days ago
I consider myself Bear
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Card/Board Games, Music
Not looking for a quick shag tonight.
Non Scene. Shy. Geek/Nerd.
Heavy and tall. (6'5", ~135KG)
US accent. (Living in Oz since Dec 2002)
Pretty much exclusively attracted to guys 40
Not into clubs, very seldomly into pubs/bars.
Non Smoker, No drugs.
No Diseases.
Not much into sports.
Only experienced as a Bottom, but want to learn to top.

Generally, I'm not a casual sex kind of guy, but lately I've been more open to the idea. No guarantees, but if we have a good connection on an emotional/intellectual level and the urge is there, it could definitely happen.

Been single since 2010, but recently decided I want to see who else is out there and hopefully find a solid LTR.

I'd consider myself a nice guy, attractive, intelligent, creative and funny, though my humour can be a bit dark. I'm fairly shy when I'm still getting to know people, but once I'm comfortable with them I can be a bit loud and obnoxious.

I work in technology as a software developer, primarily in the web sphere.

Interested in computers, gaming, etc. I enjoy pen and paper/tabletop RPGs(Pathfinder, World of Darkness) though I haven't been an active player for a year or two. I play a fair few boardgames as well.

I'm an amateur/hobby artist, and I can sing a bit. Generally always trying to learn to do something new, or further develop existing skills.

I've never really been big on watching sports, it's okay if you do, but I'm not going to have any idea what you're talking about and I just can't bring myself to be interested, sorry.

When I'm in a relationship, I really love physical contact. Snuggling and curling up and touching is very important to me.

Don't really like clubs or pubs due to the noise. Don't smoke or do drugs, but I do enjoy my wine and spirits.

If you contact me, please have a face pic. I find faces just as important as the rest of the body.

If you don't match all of these exacting demands, say hi anyway, who knows, right?

Male, 40, chubby, hairy, geek, top/vers, tall.

I like guys with handsome or blokey faces (but not necessarily "pretty"), tall and chubby. Body hair is a big turn on, especially on the belly, as are beards. If you wear a suit, that is definitely a plus!

I want a guy who likes quiet romantic dinners, staying in and watching a DVD with a bottle of red, someone with a good sense of humour and that understands my geeky interests.

If you want to call me a good dog in bed, and scratch my belly and behind the ears... I'm totally okay with that.