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Country Spain
Age 58
Location Community Of Madrid
City Madrid
Preferred Age  From  18  To  80
Height 177cm  
Body Hair Hairy
Facial Hair Mustache and Beard
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Non Penetrative
Ethnic Origin Hispanic
Last Logged On 05/04/2021 20:30:33
I consider myself Hairy
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Cycling, Music and Walking
I classify myself as g0y (g0y is spelt with a zero and you can google it for more information). I find masculine men of any age and race attractive. As of mid 2015, I am mostly in Madrid,Spain and very little in the UK.

I believe in friendship (a most undervalued concept) the fundamental dignity of each person. I don't want to treat anyone as disposable and I don't want to be treated like that either. As a result, I am keen to befriend a guy. That means that if we enjoy each other's company, we might meet from time to time. If you know at the moment you agree to meet a guy that you will probably only want to see him just that one time before moving on, then you need to know that I am not that sort of person. I am not looking for the "man of my dreams" as some might describe him because, apart from doubting that I would ever describe another man like that, I think it is a lofty goal to give in a profile like this. However,I am looking for friends, who could, perhaps, become close friends.

Being g0y, I have never practised anal sex. It does not interest me. If your profile says that you are "passive" or "active", then it probably means that we are incompatible because these epithets refer to anal intercourse which I find a big turn-off. Consequently, it is out of the question. All of the aforementioned means that I have met very few people.

Recently a guy asked me if I was "submissive". I was a bit taken aback by this. I am not sure what that means. Please excuse my naivete. I assume that the opposite of "submissive" is "domineering". I am not that either. I could only ever consider another guy my equal. It really would bother me to think that he considered me anything other than his.

I say all of this, not to give offense (there is enough of that in the world), but simply to make clear what I am like and to help both you (reading this) and myself understand what might make it difficult for us to find common ground or, on the other hand, what might mean that we could perhaps have something, or even a lot, in common. Is that not what these profiles are for?

I love hiking. I do a lot hill/mountain walking when I can. I have recently taken up cycling. I enjoy reading, music, particularly classical and some contemporary.

I like to correspond to begin with. If anything I have said here appeals, then do get in touch. Sometimes I am travelling, so please bear with me if my replies are not instant.