Country Algeria
Age 44
City Alger
Preferred Age  From  55  To  99
Height 173cm  
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair None
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Active
Ethnic Origin Middle Eastern
Last Logged On 31/07/2021 20:20:26
I consider myself Suit and tie guy
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Football, Walking and Cooking/Food
The love that arises between a man and a woman, a very natural and that is customary from time immemorial, but the love that arises between two adult men of unusual and should be to give him all the time and the great interest, especially if that love comes from the honest and sincere hearts .

I am looking for someone close relationship and a strong long-term relationship or civil partner ... I never married unmarried ... do not be shy contact me and will see after..