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Country Ireland
Age 41
Preferred Age  From  50  To  80
Height 167cm  
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair Mustache
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Rather Not Say
Ethnic Origin Middle Eastern
Last Logged On Over 30 days ago
I consider myself Not completed
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Art, Keep Fit and Travel
Never been to the Dreamland before?
I am the Prince there, I have a gigantic palace full of dreams, hopes and prayers.
Where I can be that innocent child again, rule the world and play all day long till I fell asleep and dream ,yet again.
Without the taste of pain, without a of rain,
My Land always green, my sky always blue, the beautiful sight you have ever seen or had a clue.
A very splendid weather,
All children are playing and running hither and thither.
This is my Dreamland, where no tears but of joy.
No sighs but of love. No ages but of a boy.
No gazes but of affection, and shakes but of hands.
No truth but fiction, and no castles but of sands.
This is me, a dreamer, and what may I dream of?
Well, as the Royal Prince of this Land, I dream to find my truly love.
(I am friendly, simple, outgoing, a bit shy, I like to read, write, draw portraits and run as a mad man in the evenings.
I never give up hope!

Arab, not too slim , not too hairy,
Like most to read, write, draw and chat.
I have lots to learn,

I am here to chat, I cannot cam, nor trying to deceive anyone.

Hugs to you all,