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Country Australia
Age 77
Location Victoria
City Melbourne
Preferred Age  From  18  To  80
Height 5ft11-6ft   (180-183cm)
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair Mustache
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Passive
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 20/02/2020 21:13:23
I consider myself Not completed
They were right, I was wrong, slutting around does no good at all, the only sex you find is bad sex and a whole sackfull of lies and liars. In the end you have to be patient and climb to the top of the tree, all the good sweet fruit is found at the top. Never thought of it like that. I spent a bit of time devising ways of being attractive, thinking that maybe the words, maybe the picture, maybe just me was not good enough. But to hell with that, I am good enough... decent, honest, straight forward, no cheating and no lies. I don't even do cam sex, find it nasty. My doctor says I am in fine shape, I work hard at keeping healthy, eat well and drink great wines. One day my prince will come, a beautiful man who understands the complexity of me, I would love to say I am simple, I'm not. I am creative, I run my own business in food and wine, I write, I design, I read, I love music and play it loud, I even like to get out and have a boogie. I love my family. Emotions and life are what drive me. Not at all simple and I cannot understand people who say they never get angry or upset, I do! I get angry at the worlds mistreatment of people, I get angry when people try and rip me off. I fall in love, with all manner of things, beauty, clouds, buildings, great art, old ruins, books, so much.
So I will sit at the top of tree and wait... I may never find any one, but that's ok too. I like this saying..
"Men have two emotions. Horny and hungry. So if you see me without an erection, make me a sandwich."