Country UK
Age 56
Location Hampshire
City Aldershot
Preferred Age  From  18  To  60
Height 179cm   (175-178cm )
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair None
Build Heavy
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Passive
Ethnic Origin Mixed Race
Last Logged On 23/02/2020 08:00:37
I consider myself Chubby
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Classical Music, Cooking/Food and History
Je parle français || Hablo castellano || Falo português || Mo koz kreol morisyen.

PLEASE NOTE: A slipped disc and bilateral sciatica mean that I use a pair of elbow crutches or a pair of walking sticks, depending on how I am feeling and where I am going (e.g. elbow crutches for going up and down Ben Nevis (ha ha), and walking sticks for attending garden parties at Buck. House (ha ha)). However, that does not mean that I am unable to get out and about and live my life.

Tattoos: "Do Not Resuscitate" on chest and back, and "DNR" on each shoulder.

Born in Calcutta (India) on 12 June 1963. Father, Punjabi, born in British Burma. Mother: British / German / Trinidadian / anything else you can think of, born in British India.

Religion / faith: nothing in particular, just ambling through life.

I am of very mixed ancestry and upbringing. That has led me to have wide-ranging tastes in food, music, and friends (not necessarily in that order).

It would be more accurate to say that I was "dragged up", not "brought up".

Lived in India, Mauritius, the UK, France, Portugal, and Spain (the last three, for short periods only).

I currently live in Hampshire with my partner. I am an occasional visitor to the Midlands (my father and two of my six siblings) and Lincolnshire (my partner's family), also to wherever I know folk on this island

Travel: some of Western Europe, some of Eastern Europe (including the Soviet Union and the Soviet Bloc, when both were still in existence). Also the USA - but that was so long ago as to be almost meaningless, save for my memories (I was last there in 1969). Also bits of Asia and Africa. Been all around Africa in stages by ship, and up and down the Suez Canal a few times.

Some places: Port Elizabeth (I was in South Africa in "the bad old days", and had my 17th birthday in Port Elizabeth), Alexandria - also Madagascar, to which I should like to return some day (that last comment is not one that I shall ever make about Djibouti). More likes: Hamburg, Marseilles, Saragossa, Guecho and Algorta (both near Bilbao), all of Portugal, Edinburgh, the Lake District, Cognac - and if life permits, I should like to return to Iran and Iraq.

Reasonably tolerant and easy-going, but with a minimum that can occasionally come into play and below which I cannot, shall not, and will not go. Happy to talk to anyone, but careful about whom I may speak to more than once. I prefer the company of folk who know, value, and apply the courtesies of life.