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Country USA
Age 54
Location Florida
City Sarasota
Preferred Age  From  35  To  70
Height 6ft3-6ft4   (190-193cm )
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair None
Build Slim
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Versatile
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 26/01/2020 22:28:49
I consider myself Not completed
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Gardening, Theatre and Cooking/Food
Typically profile questionaires ask about your version of a "perfect" date... Well expecting perfection will never get anyone out of the personals. Therefore I have not had, nor do I expect one to be the "perfect date". However, time well spent, that is mutally enjoyed together is always key. How that time is spent is open to endless possibilities. "Glamor" Dinner Date at an "UpTown" Restaurant. That ever so talked about popular walk on the beach. Movie PopCorn on the couch.
Which ever... It is the enjoyed time spent that I find important.

Not looking for my Mirror, nor am I seeking my extreme opposite either. Just someone that can show me new options or "the other side" of things.
Mind you other side or new things... Not the "Dark Side". (humor)

Born Bred a MidWesterner (Michigan) with German/Scottish bloodlines have tended to given me the general mind set/taste and actions which are of a conservative nature. However, this does not mean I'm politically stupid. (NOTE: I do not discuss politics in any shape or form ever. I'll listen to everyone's rants ravs but I reserve myself to no commment.)

Sense of humor is somewhat on the dry/sharp wittier side, some may say sarcastic and catty others say sharp clever. Whichever you choose is always candidly honest and without harm and more often than not... positive in thought.

Pet Peeves:
Stupidity, lack of Common Sense and or Courteousness.
These Drive me crazy.

If it matters: A Zodiac freak I am not, but from what I've read. I'm a "text book" Leo.

Meyers Briggs: E-S-borderline F/T-P

I'm a dog lover with a passion for the Russian Wolfhounds(Borzoi). I've had 3 now with a 5yr female for the moment she hold my heart. I'm sure she would be willing to share.

Address of choice: Beach House
Music: Opera to Country.
Music shouldn't be painful to listen to.
Food: Not fussy, especially if I don't have to cook.
Drink: Yes. .Vodka in Spring Summer/Scotch in Fall Winter
Wine: Both. But Love Champagne!
Smoke: I own a humidor, an on a rare occasion enjoy a good cigar.
The smoke that comes from between the sheets is an entirely different matter.
Sex: Just make it good for both!