Country UK
Age 53
Location Cheshire
City Chester
Preferred Age  From  30  To  80
Height 5ft9-5ft10   (175-178cm )
Body Hair In between
Facial Hair None
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Active
Ethnic Origin Caucasian
Last Logged On 19/09/2019 11:23:47
I consider myself Not completed
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in History, Card/Board Games and Walking
I am a straight acting guy. Not looking for a relationship, just chat friends and maybe the odd pint or two !
I have a 'teasing' sense of fun at times and am very open minded. Life is for fun, so why not live it !
I don't believe in being 'bashful' you are what you are, and you have what you have, so why pretend otherwise.
I believe that if someone is polite enough to send me a message to say they like the look of me then I will respond, as rudeness is not an admirable quality.
I love guys who like to show their bodies off, and guys who like guys who like to show their bodies off, as in my book, sexuality is as visual as it is physical!
I don't give my private password out unless asked for it, as I wouldn't be so vain as to think that anyone would want to see them, if you do want to see them, by all means just ask me!
Also any local guys into playing board games give me a shout, I do like a game or two.
Love an older man in a shirt and tie, so suited and booted guys are very much my thing. By the way I’m always happy to be winked at, It’s a compliment and don’t understand why people are rude enough to be upset by it.