Country USA
Age 35
Location New York
City New York City
Preferred Age  From  50  To  85
Height 177cm   (180-183cm)
Body Hair Smooth
Facial Hair None
Build Regular
Smoker Non Smoker
Role Versatile
Ethnic Origin Asian
Last Logged On Over 30 days ago
I consider myself Suit and tie guy
My Interests / Hobbies
Like to meet people interested in Music, Photography and Sailing
Upcoming trips:
June 26-July 4: Amsterdam
July 5-14: Denmark
July 14-21: Berlin
July 21-25: Stockholm
July 25-August 22: Hong Kong and southern China

Appreciate for your attention, but If you do not have a picture or are not willing to send me one, please pass me if you are totally top, please pass me (as I prefer to be top)..

Just a down-to-earth Chinese (a quarter Portuguese blood) young man in his beginning of 30s, handsome/cute? It totally depends on who is viewing. But I believe education and life experience can make people more attractive, and it is one of the reasons why older gentlemen are my weakness.

I like classical/piano music and I go to theaters a lot. Movies are a cup of my tea as well. I do sports regularly, especially basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, etc.. So my body is fit and strong enough to play with you both inside and outside of the bedroom..My hobbies are not limited to photography, museum, gallery art, gardening, hiking. Chuck Scarborough and Phil Donahue are my favorite newsmen, Adele is my pop star and Chopin and Bach piano are in my iPod all the time and of course Kobe Bryant is always my idol (Michael Jordan used to be).

I travel a lot and have put my feet down on different continents (Asia, Europe, North South America, Australia and New Zealand, still waiting to explore Africa in the near future). United Kingdom is my favorite country. I earned my education in France before settling down in New York City. I now work and live in New York City and I am financially secure..A sweet and caring daddy is much more charming and attractive than a sugar one..

Date or LTR? We never know until our internal feelings tell ourselves...If we are not brave enough to say hello to someone we see and like in the subway, then we will never leave the world that is only full of regrets..

I'm HIV negative and I want to stay that way (no offense to anyone positive). I never smoke and only drink wine occasionally...One of my dream scenes is drinking a glass of red wine and listening to the piano music with someone next to me..
My age requirement is not a real big-deal, I might still have a crush on you even if you are not at that range. I have a very mature and considerate heart in my young body. Drop me a line if you like me, if not, give me a goodbye kiss and say "no, thank you"..I really appreciate your answer..
Email is always the best way to communicate:
mosike88 AT H>O>T>M>A>I>L