Caffmos does not tolerate scamming of any sort. We are dedicated to the safety and security of our membership and those practicing in this activity will have their membership removed from the site immediately and be locked out for future use. We are one of the few (if only) gay friendship and gay dating websites that checks all profiles and profile photos before they are shown on the website.

Whilst this can prevent the majority of scammers using the website some will slip through. We urge all Caffmos members to report anyone they suspect of spamming. All such reports are treated as confidential and we will never reveal who the report was made by. You will find report buttons on every profile and everytime you read a message or simply contact us.

Suspicious activity includes the following.

  • Members immediately asking for your email address
  • Profiles containing an email address / web address / Skype address etc.
  • Members asking for money, help with travel expenses etc
  • Members who say they are in a different country to the one states in their profile.
  • Profile where the photos does not match the profile description.

See below for more information on internet scams and spams.

If any member is contacted or befriended for monetary rewards or gains, please report it us directly.

For more information on online scams see the links below

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