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Country Norway
Age 56
City Oslo
Preferred Age From  67  To  87
Height -cm
Body Hair Hairy
Facial Hair None
Build Stocky
Smoker Smoker
Role Active
Ethnic Origin Rather Not Say
Last Logged On 02-02-2024
I consider myself Not completed

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I seek Pausanian's "Heavenly Love". I'M A GERENTOPHILE, WHO IS ATTRACTED TO MATURE STOCKY MEN ONLY. Ideally 67-87yrs.
Absolutely nothing below 50yrs. And ONLY MEN who are and feel like men. NO Professionals please!

The Cocktail "Mua sexualité" Like any sex on the beach ....... basic ingredience is gerentophilia. In this lusty base add a combo of sapio and demisexual to it. Seeking Daddies and Grandpas 67-87yrs, stocky and beer bellied, silver hair or bald ........ a perfect vintage Grandfather or Santa Clause is my dream.

A photo of Ur face is appreciated much more than that of Ur-anus or Ur-penis! Save the anatomical specifications - I don't care for the size or shape or colour or race or age or muscular capacity or virility of your penis and the least Ur anus. There are enough Tom, Dicks and Arseholes in this world, but few genuine and good men!! It is not the looks of your cock that matters, but your face, your eyes, your smile.....

I do not like playing games with people's time and emotions. I am honest and straight forward - life is too short to spend otherwise! I do not like glory holes or dark rooms. I admire and like a man who is comfortable in the light of day and can be themselves! Married or not married - if you dare to be here, you can be true to those who are here.

"Do unto others what you would want others do to you" - a big hug and passionate kisses.

Sex is not all about love and love is not all about sex! It is the fine balance and harmony of both, shared uniquely each time.

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