Below you will find the answers to the most common questions we get asked about Caffmos. Please try and find the answer to your quesion below before contacting us.

Site Information

The Caffmos Community has been created as a secure and safe area for older, more mature gay men, silverdaddies and their admirers to share ideas, experiences and companionship with like minded friends. It has been constructed with both Bronze and Gold membership levels. The Bronze level is completely free and fully functional, though there are a few restrictions to some of the features. Gold membership offers unrestricted access to all features and many extra facilities. Gold membership is a Premium level rewarded to members who support Caffmos with an annual subscription. These contributions go towards the daily maintenance and running of the site, as well as it's future development.

Site Requirements

To use Caffmos the following are required: Your browser must be HTML 5 compliant. Click here to check if your web browser is HTML 5 compliant. Cookies enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions offers all the features silverdaddies, older gay men and their admirers need to meet like-minded people, discuss topics, either one-on-one (chat, mail), or via our popular gay text/audio and video chatrooms, and find out about events! To build your image online and relationships, you have a profile and photo album.

Why meeting people online works
If you are nervous about meeting people online, relax, you are going to enjoy it! It is becoming more and more accepted and is a very effective way to meet people. In our busy world with our busy schedules, finding time to connect with people is difficult. This is where the Internet and other safe, interactive environments like really help. And with an ever-increasing number of people going on-line, the Internet will give you access to a LOT more people that you could find by other means.

Is it really worth being a member?
Yes! With our membership growing every day, and the ease of searching the members database, makes the Community a great way to meet people. Many of our members find it invaluable and it is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Is membership to Caffmos free?
Yes! We offer a free membership. We want you to find new contact and friends, so other than to prevent bulk mailing scams, there are no profile viewing or messaging restrictions. Caffmos was not created for financial gain. It was created and run simply to offer a platform for like-minded gay men to find support, as well as form new contacts and friendship. Of course there are costs, websites are not cheap to run. But we hope to be able to cover these costs via member support and site advertisements/sponsorship.

How can I support Caffmos?
For a site such as Caffmos to be a success it requires members! So by registering you are already offering your support. If you like what you see, pass the Caffmos name to your friends and acquaintances. In addition to this you can support with a small annual contribution which goes directly to assist with maintenance, development and running of the site. In return Caffmos rewards those contributing with a Premium membership called "Gold", which offers unrestricted access to all features and a multitude of extra facilities to use and enjoy. See the Support/Upgrade pages for more information.

Is paying online safe?
Absolutely. In fact, we have out sourced the whole credit card (Visa/Mastercard) payment system to a company that specializes in this. Credit card information is encrypted and we never see or store it. Furthermore, the whole payment process is done under industry-standard 128-bit encryption.

Can I cancel anytime?
My Caffmos page and choose Delete Account. This will find a facility to delete your account and remove your details from the Caffmos database.

How secure is the site?
Your billing information is held on secure servers managed by our payment processor WorldPay. We do not store any financial details on Caffmos.

Furthermore, we have people ready to help you if you have any questions or concerns -- we provide priority service to paying members due to the volume of emails we receive. Note however, that we are not responsible for the posts and content on the site as it is member provided. So the more of YOUR friends you tell about the site, the better the quality of community online you have.

Can I sign up a relative or friend?
You may be a parent, relative or friend of a person whose profile you wish to post on this site. In this case please fill out the questionnaire based on what you know about the person that that you intend to sponsor. And don't forget to post their photos on the site. You can then log in and monitor the mail for your friend and forward appropriate profiles to them.

What do I get with Gold Membership?
The Caffmos Community Bronze membership is completely free. There are a few restrictions due to bandwidth constraints. However you may become a supporting member, a Gold member. Gold membership offers full and unrestricted access to all features. Gold membership is gained by a small contribution. See the Comparison chart.

What's the best way to meet people (in real life) from ?
Okay when you've messaged and chatted with someone online and you like their profile, you may decide to meet each other. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Don't believe everything you read. Lots of stuff is made up in Cyber-land. Make sure you've seen a few of their pictures and got to know them a little before meeting up.

  • Don't give your email, phone number, or personal contact info until you know someone. You can always safely chat with them online in the Caffmos Chat room.

  • When you do meet, start out with a public place -- perhaps a group meeting with multiple people from Check out the events page for localised events.

  • Again: the first meeting should NOT be a romantic date, rather a friendly get-together.

My Profile

On your profile page you can edit your details, set your site preferences and upload and delete photos.

How do I change my location - my password - my email?
Go to the My Profile page option under the My Account menu option to view all your account settings. From here you can edit your profile, preferences, password and email address. Usernames are only changable by Caffmos Admin. Please email your current username and the new username you wish it to be changed to. Username must be 6 to 12 digits in length.

How do I change my country ?
We do not allow members to change their country. Please contact Caffmos Admin to change it for you.

How do I upload/ or edit photos and video ?
All your photos and videos can be uploaded and deleted from the My Caffmos page The number one and most beneficial is a 'profile photo'. Profiles offering a profile photo generate upto 6 times more viewings than one without a photo. You can also upload photos to a Picture Album and a selection of Themed Galleries. Adding photos exposes your presence, the more photos you upload the more you get seen. You can also password protect photos to your Picture Album, which offers complete discretion and privacy.

What does incognito and x-rated mean ?
All profile photos on The Caffmos Community are categorised as facial, incognito and x-rated by admin. Only facial photos are shown by default on profiles and search listings. Gold members may click on incognito and x-rated photos to view them.

What video formats can I upload ?
Most video formats are allowed. It can take up to 24 hours to process your video and for this to appear on your profile.

How do I log out?
The securest way to log out is by clicking on the logout menu button. However, this will de-link the 'automatic login facility'. By simply closing down the browser you will automatically be logged within a few minutes. From a public terminal, it's best to click on the Logout button.

Help, I have lost my password !
If you have lost your password dont worry. Simply go to the Forgotten password reminder screen, enter your email address and your password will be emailed to your registered email address. If you are still having problems then contact admin

How do I improve the search results and find people who will suit me? (and like me!)
Make sure your location is set (this is heavily used). And for quickmatch, make sure your profile is filled in as it is used. Fill out ALL of your profile as this will attract people who have similar interests/tastes to you. Of course a photo will treble the interest. The more photos uploaded the more messages you receive.

I saw something inappropriate online! Now what?
We are not responsible for what is online and expect maturity from our members. However, if you see something which offends you, please notify us and we'll clean it up. Please support us ! More info can be found within the Terms & Conditions.

Why aren't I getting mail from other people?
Check your profile, make sure it is complete. Fill in all areas so your profile is interesting to read. Add a photo. You're not going to get mail by having an incomplete profile. Also make sure you take the time and effort to message others, one cannot expect to receive messages if you do not send any.

I am not receiving any email message alerts. What's up?
First make sure that the options set out on your Check site preferences are set correctly. If so, you may find that your email service provider's mailing constraints blocks incoming mail from certain Internet Domains. You can request them to allow mailings to your account from Caffmos by adding the address to your address book.

Alternatively create another email account with a free provider such as Yahoo or Gmail ). This actually offers an extra degree of discretion and privacy if required.

I need more info... My question isn't answered!
No problem -- contact us anytime here. We are here to support you! All members - silverdaddies, mature gay men and admirers. If in need just email us with your problem and I will endeavour to assist you to the best of our ability.

Membership Levels

Check out the comparison chart to see the differences between Gold and Bronze membership.

BRONZE (free)
Basic Member Search
Basic Messaging (3 messages / day)
Basic Gallery Viewing
Unlimited Chatroom Access (High usage Bronze members may have access restricted at busy times.)
Photo Albums 3 photos 15 photos
Advanced Member Search
Unrestricted Radius Search(mileage)
Unlimited Messaging
Send Message Attachments
See Who's Online
Unrestricted My Viewers
Message/Member Blocking
View X-Rated Photos
Videos Galleries & Search
View x-rated videos
Unrestricted Gallery Viewing
Save Favorite Settings
Write Profile Comments
Homepage Featured Photos
Highlight Profile
Stealth Mode
Suspend Profile