The current chatroom uses HTML 5 for the chatting facilities and video streaming.

Please ensure you are using the latest browser. Some older browsers do not support HTML 5. You can see here for more information on browser compatibility with HTML 5.

To see how compatible your current browser is with HTML 5 see the following link

Help Topics


1. My cam doesnt work
2. Turn on my cam
3. How to view cams
4. Public / Private webcams
5. Video Windows


1. Sending public messages
2. Sending private messages
3. Seerching for users.
4. View Profile

1. My Cam Doesnt work

Check your cam is working here

If your cam doesnt work try a different browser.

See the following link to check your cam settings

2. Turn Your Cam On

To turn your cam on click the camera switch from red to green.

3. How To View Cams

To view a cam of another user find their name in the userlist. If the user has a cam available you will see a video icon to the right of their name. If their cam is public you will see an open padlock, if the padlock is closed they will need to accept your request. To view a cam or request permission to view a cam click on the video icon.

4. Public / Private Cams

You can chose to publish your cam publicly or privately within the chatroom. To allow anyone to view your webcam click the Public Webcam button. To only allow user you approve view your cam click the Private Webcam button.

5. Video Windows

You can move video windows around the screen and resize video windows to suit.

1. Public Chatting

To speak publically in the room enter your text into the chat box and press the Send button. You can change your text style and colour using the icons at the top of the chat box.

2. Sending Private Messages

You can send private messages to another user in 2 ways. Click on a username in the user list. A menu appears

Whisper - this sends a quick message to the choosen user in the main chat window (not private)

Ask For Private chat - this will open up a private chat window with the choosen user.

3. Search for users

You can search for users by entering text in the search box. The search box acts as filter matching usernames depending on the characters entered in the search box.

4. View Profile

Selecting Profile will display that user's profile.