The current chatroom uses HTML 5 for the chatting facilities and Webrtc for video streaming meaning you can use it on PC's, tablets and phones. If you are experiencing problems with the chatroom check these pages for troubleshooting information and FAQ's.

Problems Accessing The Chatroom

If you are having issues accessing the chatroom then please ensure you are using the latest browser. Follow this link to check if your browser is the latest version. if not then we recommend you update it not only for using the Caffmos chatroom but also for security.

Some older browsers do not fully support HTML 5. You can see here for more information on browser compatibility with HTML 5.. Older versions of Internet Explorer do not work well with HTML 5.

Browser / Cam Problems

1 Chatroom not working - This may be due to you using an out of date web browser. Internet Explorer and Safari for windows will not work as they do not support the HTML 5 standard. If you are using Chrome/Firefox/Safari for Apple please visit the following link and check what score you get.

If you receive a score less than 480 it means your browser isnt up to date. Please update your browser.

2. If you are experiencing cam problems please first check your camera is actually working. You can test this using the following link.

3. To change cams do the following.

Chrome : At the top right on the screen click the three vertical dots, choose Settings, then Advanced settings, then Site Settings, then camera. Make sure your cam is selected. You can also change your cam here if you have more than one.

Firefox : Click on the three bars top right of the screen, choose Options then Privacy & Security. Scroll down to Permissions and next to camera click Settings. Make sure you have allowed to access your camera. Then close your browser windows down and restart your browser.