Address Vista hermosa, 616
County El Tabo
Town Valparaiso
Postcode 2691055
Tel +56987686238
Bedrooms 2
Specialist breaks Walking
Type Bed and breakfast
Establishment is Gay
Images of Esteban Gonzalez
Local Information
We are an open mind couple and we are pleased to recieve people from different countries.

Hello everyone

You are more than welcome to our house by the sea. We are two hours from Santiago airport (we can pick up) We have a confortable house with second floor and a nice terrace with perfect view of the pacific ocean. We have two rooms available one with two beds and another one with a king size bed, there is one bathroom for both, if you like we can include breakfast and lunch. There are two beaches at three hundred meters from the property, restaurants, cafés, stores and kiosks. I can make tours in the surrounding areas where you can visit the house of Neruda, the casino, mall and small towns.

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