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Without knowing what you are doing but with the assurance that you CAN!

No-one knows all there is to know about the sub-conscious. Whether anyone will eventually learn enough to fully understand how it works is a possibility but that's all it is – a possibility. BUT that shouldn't stop you using its powers – providing you know how to do it – PROPERLY!

Over many years of helping patients by the use of a form of hypnotherapy (with emphasis on the therapy!) I have slowly built up a collection of concepts which seem to work and I have decided, in view of the high levels of success, that the end justifies the means if they actually help people to overcome their fears, phobias, worries and self-doubts.

It is common knowledge that some people don't need an alarm clock to wake up extra early next day. By “extra early” I mean earlier than usual. Such people are confident they WILL wake up at the earlier time and it is usual to do so about five minutes earlier than the time they selected. Most people who can do this take it for granted and never pause to think WHY?

Not everyone possesses that level of self-confidence and if it is important to wake up extra early, they will also set the time on an alarm clock. The funny thing is that they ALSO wake up about five minutes before and are actually awake when the alarm goes off! Some people might wonder why this happens and that's OK I suppose but it won't do for me and I need to find out why things do happen instead of just wondering why they do and just leaving it at that.

Most people can tie their shoelaces after about the age of seven years without even looking and they accept the fact as the “norm” but that won't do for me because I want to know WHY? Don't forget though that before the age of seven very few kids could tie their shoelaces without getting into a tangle and Mum had to do it for them.

Something may have happened between the time that they couldn't and the time that they could – and shortly I'll tell you what that was. I'll tell you how the alarm clock thingy works as well but you will have to be patient because there's something else to talk about first.

If you suddenly come under threat of say, physical violence. You don't stop and think about what you have to do to avoid the consequences do you? – you just do it! – instinctively – and this is usually referred to as the “Fight or Flight” syndrome. The point is that you DON'T think about it- you just do it and I want to know WHY instead of just accepting it as the "norm".

You ride your bike or drive your car without even thinking about it don't you? You might be thinking of almost anything other than what you are actually doing and you only concentrate 100% if something out of the ordinary happens – and if it does you deal with it and then go back to your previous state, You don't NEED to think about it because you've done it so many times that it has become “second nature” REALLY? – WE SHALL SEE! How many times do you change gear on a familiar journey? Don't know do you? Don't care do you? Why should you?

Remember what happened the first time you tried to ride a bike. I bet you fell off! Remember the sequence you used to say to yourself to get your car started – pull this – push that – and so on. Don't do it now do you? You just jump in, start up and drive off – no problem, a bit like tying your shoelaces really isn't it? – in that there was a time when you couldn't but you persevered and practiced until – whoopee! I can tie my shoelaces – or – whoopee! I can drive my car. In case you've forgotten, I'd like to know WHY?

If you are cold you will (eventually) shiver. What's that all about? I mean – you don't say to yourself “I'm cold, I think I'll have a shiver” do you? What's a shiver for anyway? What's its function? I mean what's it all about?

Conversely, if you are too hot and you don't do anything about it, you'll start sweating won't you? You don't say to yourself “Gosh I'm hot, I think I'll start sweating” you don't do you? It just happens, WHY? Shivering and sweating are physical things aren't they? You don't start them off, do you? SO WHO DOES?

If you accidentally sit on a pin you don't say to yourself "Ooh dear! I've just sat on a pin, I think I'll move" You don't think about it you just do it don't you? – ASAP and again it's a physical thing. You don't need to think about it you just do it – it's natural – are you sure?

Have you ever been in the situation when you are trying to recall something from your memory that you KNOW you KNOW but it just won't come? So after trying for some time you decide to "sleep on it" and so you do and when you wake up – there it is- a little voice saying what it was you couldn't remember. Don't look round to see who is talking to you because you know where it came from don't you? Really? Don't believe you!

The Alarm Clock

When you decided in your mind as to the earlier time you wished to wake up, you actually programmed your subconscious. That was even before you picked the alarm clock up to set the new time. All you needed to do was to THINK about it and your subconscious accepted that as an instruction – and it was your subconscious that woke you up.


Someone must have shown you how to tie your shoelaces (Mum probably) and you must have practiced the sequence until you could do it properly. In effect – what you did was to teach your subconscious the sequence and now you can safely leave it to get on with it AND it's not the ONLY thing you have taught your subconscious to do is it? Think about it!

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