Welcome to the Caffmos Community gay lifestyle and dating glossary for the older gay man, silver daddies and admirers. On this page you will find some explanations of gay terms that are heard within the gay lifestyle and dating scene. It is a fun area - some of the gay terms do make me titter. But it can also be a helpful area, especially to those not of the gay scene or who have had limited access or contact with other gay men. Hopefully it will combine the two, and offer an understanding to some of the terms used by our older, mature and senior members in their adverts or within other areas of the Caffmos Community or similar sites as well as a giggle or two.

If you know of a word or term you think could be added to this page, please enter it plus a brief summary of it's meaning in the 'Glossary Suggestion' box provided at the bottom of the page and send to me for inclusion. Many thanks.

Abigail A gay nickname for a middle aged or older gay man who is in the closet.
Active a UK term for 'top'. A man who gives or penetrates.
Adam's Pyjamas a gay term refering to someone in the state of full/complete nudity - birthday suit!
Aggressive A term used for vigorous or violent penetration.
Androphile One with a type of homosexual feeling which involves clinging to a masculine ideal or for older, more mature gay man.
Angel A gay man who pays for sexual favours, generally used in relation to older male who supports a younger lover or friend. Similar meaning to: papa gateau - Santa Claus - sugar daddy
Aunt An elderly gay male or older gay man, more is generally effeminate in charactor and nature.
Babette Baby faced teen who appeals to the fatherly side of the mature gay man.
Bare Back Unsafe sex, penetration without the use of protection.
BD or B&D An acronym for "Bondage and Discipline".
Bear a gay bear is a somewhat hairy gay man (either body or/and facially). Usually somewhat stouter, cuddly or huggable. Variations are Cub (younger bear) or Otter (a slimmer, playful, bearish type).
Bi - Bisexual a person who is atracted to both sexes.
Blow Job - BJ Fellatio: Oral stimulation of the penis.
Bottom Generally a US term for passive. A man who takes, prefers to be penetrated.
Camp a homosexual guy with effeminate traits - performed in an exagerrated way.
CD An acronym for Cross Dresser: a male who enjoys wearing items of female clothing (not necessarily gay).
Chicken A young gale male, usually in his teens or early twenties. (also known as a Twink)
Clone refers to a gay man of a certain, somewhat standardised appearance. The classic look includes short-cropped hair, trim moustache, flannel shirt and Levi's brand 501 jeans.
Closet A condition where one homosexuality is concealed and kept unknown.
Come out To progressively become more aware of ones gay sexualty and inform others of such.
Cottage A public lavatory frequented by homosexuals.
CP relates to Coporal punishment.
Cruising general term for street walking or visiting know gay areas in search of contacts.
Cut often referring to a man that is circumcised - the opposite to uncut/uncircumcised.
Dogging the practice of meeting people in know areas such as lay-bys, parking lots, etc. To watch, participate or show. Both heterosexual and gay participants.
Drag Queen A man dressed as a women appearing or performing on stage.
Facial To ejaculate on the face of another.
Fag Hag A straight woman who enjoys the company of gay men.
Felching An activity where a man licks and swallows cum from the anus of another.
Fellatio Oral stimulation of the penis. See also Blow Job.
Fish & Chips is Gay term for the wife and kids of a male lover.
Friend of Dorothy's An expression that secretly indicates one as gay. Derived from the role Judy Garland played in the Wizard of Oz.
Frottage technical term for belly fucking - can also be used for rubbing the penis against someone usually in crowded places.
GSOH an acronym for - a good sense of humour.
GAM an acronym for - a gay asian male.
Gang bang group sex.
Gerontophile A term used for the preference toward the older generation, (silverdaddies and older men), as a sexual partner but used generally for a liking towards older company.
Glory Hole A hole in a cottage wall to watch other men have sex or to stick your penis through.
Golden showers An erotic interest in urinating on or being urinated upon.
GWM an acronym for - a gay white (caucasian) male.
Hirsute another word for hairy (bodily) - see Bear.
HPW Height proportionate to weight - used in personal adverts, etc.
ISO An acronym of "in search of" used in classified adverts.
lol An acronym used in chats for "lots of laughter" - giggle.
LTR Long-Term Relationship
Muscle Mary a gay male who works out a lot at the gym - very muscular.
MWM maried white (caucasian) male.
NSA an acronym for "No strings attached".
OHAC Acronym for "own home and car".
Passive a UK term for 'bottom'. A man who prefers to take, be penetrated.
Polar Bear An older generally white/silver haired bear - see Bear.
Poppers a synonym for amyl nitrite.
Poof - Poofter A derogatory term user in the past for a homosexual.
Potato Queen an Oriental guy with a preference for Westerners.
Power Bottom a man who likes being on the bottom during sex, but is still in control and the dominant one.
Preppy a US term for someone of smart appearance - collar & tie.
Rice Queen a Westerner with a preference for Oriental men.
Riding Bareback sexual intercourse withoutthe use of a condom or any other protection on the penis.
Rimming Anilingus: to stimulate the anus by kissing, licking and penetration with ones mouth or tongue.
S & M sadism and masochism sexual pleasure, derived from pain, toture, domination.
Scat Queen A gay male who gets sexual gratification from acts involving faeces.
Silver Daddy refers generally to an older man (greying/silver haired) who prefers younger men.
Silver Fox refers generally to an older man (Greying/silver haired) into any age group.
Snow queen A coloured guy who prefers white guys.
Spit roast Oral sex with another whilst being penetrated.
Tea Bagging to place ones testicles on the forehead or in the mouth of another person.
Top Generally a US term for active. A man who gives, penetrates.
TT An acronym for "tit torture".
TV An acronym for Tranvestite: A man who generally likes to dress, appear and act as a woman.
Vanilla refers to regular or traditional sex, not incoperating any S&M or other sexual fetish or kink.
Versatile one who is both top & bottom - active & passive. Happy being penetrated and penetrating.
Watersports an erotic interest in urine. One who has a urine fetish or who enjoys being urinated upon.
WLTM An acronym for "Would like to meet".
Woof a once secret communication word between bears.

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