There are a variety of different labels used within the gay community which generally relate to a man’s physical appearance. Some men find hairy, muscular men attractive; some prefer slim, hairless men; whilst others prefer a different combination altogether. Twinks fall into the category of men who possess a lean body with a golden tan and very little hair. Twunks are basically twinks who have a more muscular physique. Sometimes, twink is used in a pejorative sense by other gay men, most notably Bears, although in most instances it is regarded as a neutral term to describe a particular body type.

The term twink originates from the US, where Twinkies are a popular snack that consists of a golden sponge with a light, creamy filling. Ultimately, Twinkies are pretty much devoid of nutritional value and they are light, fluffy and sweet. Twinks, too, are sometimes perceived to be pretty on the outside, but somewhat lacking in depth. They are generally young, slim with a fake tan and no body hair. They are confident in their sexuality and are in a stage in their life where it is fun to experiment. They usually take on a more passive role, sexually; in gay porn, at least. Other qualifiers are often used to determine what kind of twink a man is, such as a femme twink or Euro twink.

Twunks tend to be a slightly older version of twinks and spend a lot more time in the gym working on building up muscle. Both types of men are clean-shaven and image-conscious, but whereas twinks are very slender; twunks are athletic and muscular. It is not unusual for twinks to be attracted to twunks, although they will probably have to hit the gym to be able to find such men! Mind you, both types of men tend to take good care of their bodies and general well-being, which is clearly reflected on the outside.

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