Of the Americas, Canada appears to be the most progressive when it comes to LGBT rights. There is legislation in place to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination in the workplace and in other areas of life. Plus, it has been possible for those in same-sex relationships to get married throughout Canada since 2005, whilst it is also possible for same-sex couples to adopt children. Sexual activity between members of the same sex was first legalised in 1969, but there continues to be a disparity in the age of consent in that 18 is the age at which individuals can legally engage in anal sex, compared to 16 for non-anal sex. Although sexuality is not specified, this is largely determined to be discriminatory against gay men.

Overall, though, Canada is regarded as a tolerant nation and welcoming to people of all sexualities. Consequently, you will find that many cities in Canada have lots to offer gay men who are looking for a fun time. A good place to start is the Canadian city with the largest population – Toronto. Church and Wellesley is a long-established LGBT-friendly area and it is here that celebrations of gay pride are held. Pride Week is held towards the end of June and is one of the largest Gay Pride festivals in the world. As well as a Pride Parade, there are a number of stages featuring live performers and DJs.

You are also able to enjoy all-night dance parties at the Prism Festival, which is held at the same time as Gay Pride Week. Although it isn’t officially a Pride event there are still plenty of gay men who enjoy the festivities on offer. Toronto also plays host to the Inside Out Film and Video Festival that takes place in May and showcases films that are relevant to the LGBT community. Thus, Toronto isn’t short of things to do for gay men!

There are other areas of Canada with activities specifically directed at members of the LGBT community, as well as Toronto. Montreal is also worth checking out. "The Village" continues to be at the centre of the LGBT community and is regarded as having an important place in the city, so that gay life in Montreal has come to be promoted as a tourist attraction.

Not only will you find lots of gay-friendly establishments and venues, there are also a number of events that take place throughout the year. In April, there is the Bal en Blanc, which is a giant rave party where high-profile DJs play sets that attract both gay and straight revellers who can spend their time going from the room that plays trance music to the one that plays house music, if they so desire!

In October you can enjoy the, Black and Blue Festival, which is the largest gay-benefit dance festival in the world. Not only do you get to enjoy dance music across five nights; you can also feel good that money is being raised for HIV-related charities. In November you can also get a taste of LGBT film with the Image + Nation festival that is held in the city.

If you’re looking for somewhere else to visit in Canada, Vancouver has plenty to offer gay men. Davie Street is known to be at the heart of the gay culture of the city and is home to lots of gay-friendly establishments. This is also where a number of events are held to celebrate the LGBT community and to raise awareness.

The largest event held in the city is the Vancouver Pride Parade with numerous individuals, businesses and associations taking part. There is also a Pride Festival and associated events where you can listen to music, dance, eat, drink and socialise. Overall, then, you will find that there are plenty of events and activities to keep you entertained during a stay in Canada.

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