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Acapulco developed a reputation as a holiday destination for' celebrities in the 1950s and it is one of Mexico's oldest beach resorts, though it is not quite as popular as it once was. Although the city continues to be popular for its nightlife, Acapulco’s attraction has been somewhat diminished due to on-going problems such as police corruption, poverty, unemployment, and drug-related violence. However, tourists are still drawn to the area because of the many nightclubs, bars and free live entertainment that are on offer, as well as a number of other attractions, such as the city’s traditional square, its beaches and all the water-based activities available.

The city’s old square is referred to as Zócalo and there you will find fountains and trees, offering you shade and a taste of local culture. You can explore the cathedral and enjoy eating in one of the many restaurants and bistros in the area. You might also decide to watch La Quebrada cliff divers performing some impressive dives and landing in the shallow stream of water in La Quebrada, an activity which has been popular since the mid-1930s. There are also plenty of beaches to choose from and opportunities to get a tan or get involved in some water-based fun, such as surfing, swimming and jet skiing. You will find most of the beaches are located in the bay area, including Hornos, Papagayo, Tamarindos, and Icacos. If you’re looking for a gay-friendly beach, then Condesa is ideal.

As well as lazing around on the beach, you might want to find out more about the history of the area and visit some post-Hispanic fortifications. Alternatively, you might want to visit the major water park in the area or, as many people do, enjoy the nightlife that is on offer. There are lots of bars, clubs and other establishments where you can drink and socialise. ‘Palladium’, ‘Disco Beach’ and ‘El Alebrije’ are amongst the most popular. Although Acapulco’s reputation as a holiday resort may not be quite what it was, the area continues to attract visitors because of its fun and lively atmosphere, though clearly it pays to be aware of some of the negative issues that the city faces.

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